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Re: Is Fedora a good comparison to Red Hat?

Paul Lockwood wrote:

My first posting here.

I have just finished downloading the DVD iso for Fedora and hope to get this installed on a virtual PC in the next couple of days. I currently work in the IT Industry dealing with projects, support etc from anything to new builds on PC's to installing non standard software.

I am looking to get some Linux experience where most post advertised usuaully ask for Red Hat.

Can someone tell me if Fedora is a similar system to Red Hat so that I can use this better for the experience?
I will use Fedora initially to get the Linux experience but was wondering if this will be enough?

Many thanks in advance.


Fedora is basically a Red Hat distribution which combined with some external groups which were providing packages that Red Hat did not contain.

I tried a clone of a Redhat Enterprise Linux version about a year and a half ago and it had basically the same tools and programs as the Fedora release it was based on. You should get a good idea of what will be in the product.

You also might consider looking at some of the RHEL clone distributions if you don't want a more progressive distribution to become familiar with, as Fedora Core is. Then when you are ready for RHEL, you will know what is actually accepted for the Enterprise versions.


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