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Re: DVD problem

On Thursday 04 January 2007 02:34, Paulo Cavalcanti wrote:
> Hi, Anne
> lets go by parts. As I said before, I do not know why xine is not
> reading your dvds.
Fine - I can live with this as it's only a small number of DVDs that are 

> 1) Xine should be statically linked against ffmpeg,
> so it will not be affected by the update. xine-lib comes from extras.
> You only need the gui (xine) and the non free part:
> xine-lib-moles from freshrpms (equivalent to xine-lib-extras-nonfree
> from livna).
These I have.

> 2) On the other hand, the update will fix libavcodec, needed by mplayer.
> Therefore, you have three programs to try: xine, mplayer and vlc. All of
> them use libdvdcss, that you have to install.
That's installed.

> 3) mjpegtools 1.9.0 has a bug. It does not recognize -p S
> The command
> 'lavplay -p S filename.avi'
> gives: Unknown playback mode: 'S'
> Version 1.9.1 from cvs (ATrpms) fixes this, and works
> with libquicktime 0.9.8.
> http://dl.atrpms.net/all/mjpegtools-devel-1.9.1-14_cvs20061009.fc6.at.i386.
> I suppose you were using mjpegtools 1.8.
I was, previously.  It was uninstalled as a dependency when I removed the 
livna ffmpeg package.  I have downloaded the .tar.gz and had intended 
compiling it later today, but I'll try the mjpegtools from ATrpms.  The link 
you gave me says 'mjpegtools-devel' - is this right?

> 3) dvdrip is based on transcode, and uses mjpegtools for SVCD encoding.
> I have used it many times for converting a dvd to avi (compressing with
> xvid, in general).
> It is very simple to use, but it has to be able to rip the dvd first.
> Otherwise, nothing else
> can be done.
> It is transcode that forces the upgrade of mjpegtools to 1.9.
> And finally, mythtv (a very popular PVR) requires transcode.
I haven't tried any of these things :-)  My need is simple, but important to 
me.  I use mjpegtools for processing video from an analogue camcorder to 
create DVDs.

> The main problem is that everything is connected, and must match.
Thanks, Paulo.  That's very helpful.


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