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Re: Calling mplayer users

On 22/12/06, Paul Smith <phhs80 gmail com> wrote:
On 12/22/06, Tom Horsley <tomhorsley adelphia net> wrote:
> > I guess I'll have to fix xine tomorrow - but is mplayer really so lame?
> That sounds like a symptom of mplayer using one of the video modes
> that allows it to display directly to the framebuffer, bypassing most
> of X. Since the image isn't "really" on the display, ksnapshot can't
> see it. Among the 3,247,928 possible command line options to mplayer,
> I'm pretty sure one of 'em says "Hey render video in an x11 window",
> at which point ksnapshot should be able to see it (but mplayer performance
> might not be as good).
> P.S. I find the interface to mplayer to be totally insane, but mplayer
> itself seems to be the only linux tool that plays every video I've ever
> thrown at it, so I wouldn't call it lame, just horribly confusing :-).

Mplayer has got guis: kplayer  is one of them.

I think that Gplayer is released by the same folks wo wrote mplayer. I
use it, and I love it to death.

Dotan Cohen


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