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Re: Getting people into Linux

William Case:
>> This a free and open source movement, fuelled in no small part by
>> personal competition between developers trying to do better than the
>> other guy or trying to be the best.

M. Fioretti:
> But only in the fields _THEY_ personally care about, which so far have
> never included usability by non-techies

"Never"?  Are not Firefox and Thunderbird free open-source software?
Are they not usable by non-techno-geeks?

> or desktops which are fully functional and usable by non techies on
> low spec machines.

That goes for Windows, these days, too.  When you throw in everything
and the kitchen sink, it needs a lot of grunt to drive it.

(Currently testing FC5, but still running FC4, if that's important.)

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