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Re: [OT] Sendmail Question

On 1/4/07, Steven W. Orr <steveo syslang net> wrote:
On Thursday, Jan 4th 2007 at 15:20 -0000, quoth Dan Track:

=>I was wondering if someobody could show me how to configure sendmail
=>so that anything I send to it gets trashed into say /dev/null. i.e
=>that sendmail accepts mail but doesn't deliver.
=>Any help would be appreciated

I think your question is flawed. If sendmail accepts a messgae then it
will be delivered. If it can't accept the message because the person that
it's addressed to doesn't exist then the default action is to not accept.

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Thanks for the reply. Maybe if I explain what I'm doing it might help.
I've written this small mailer program that send mails to a number of
people, the config file contains live email addresses. What I'd like
to do is run the program on my desktop, and use my local sendmail to
accept the emails but then to delete or drop them. Bear in mind that
these are live email addresses so if they get out the people will be
rather annoyed.

Let me know if I've not made myself clear

Thanks for your help.

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