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Re: A really good article on software usability

Today William Case did spake thusly:

Hi Jim;

A really good article.  It says again what needs to be said and revels a
viable opportunity for Linux development.

Regarding his remarks on configuration, I believe Linux can supply both
supper clean, feature minimal defaults with only the most important
adjustments in 'Preferences' while at the same time supplying a
configuration packed tool like Gnome-configuration-editor (but more
options, far more options) that lets a user set things exactly like he
wants if he/she is willing to dig in and do the work and

As a UI developer I'd just like to point out that his "one size fits all" approach sucks... ;)

Programmers often don't think like real users, but it's not confirmation dialogues that are the problem...I think I'd like to remove his "save changes on close?" confirmation dialogue and see how long it takes for him to ask for it back ;)

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