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Re: [OT] Sendmail Question

Around 04:42pm on Thursday, January 04, 2007 (UK time), Dan Track scrawled:

> Thanks for the reply. Maybe if I explain what I'm doing it might help.
> I've written this small mailer program that send mails to a number of
> people, the config file contains live email addresses. What I'd like
> to do is run the program on my desktop, and use my local sendmail to
> accept the emails but then to delete or drop them. Bear in mind that
> these are live email addresses so if they get out the people will be
> rather annoyed.

Do you mean you want to use this facility for testing the program you
have written, witout really emailin the recipients?

If you do then either draw your list of recipients from a config file or
similar, and when testing use a different file of test email addresses.

Or much less elegantly, disconnect the machine from the network before
running your program, and then delete the emails from the queue before
reconnecting to the network.



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