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Re: FC6: pestered by zombies

| From: Alexander Volovics <awol home nl>

| How can I permanently get rid of these zombies?

I recommend
Unfortunately it seems to require flash.  So this might be better:

(Actually, I've only read the follow up book:
Very good.)

| I am not aware of using anything that might trigger netstat.
| Is there anything in fc6 itself that uses netstat regularly?

Zombies happen because the parent process neglects to reap them.  So
it is a bug in or involving the parent process.  You should be able to
figure out what the parent is.  That may also be a hint as to why
netstat is being run at all.

One way of finding out process relationships is to run this command in a 
very wide xterm window:
  ps laxgwf | less

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