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Re: RAID 5

Terry Hickey wrote:

I have been using Linux on my web servers since 1995. I started with Slackware and then graduated to Redhat ending with my last build (current server) Redhat 9 plus a *few* changes since it has been discontinued.
Anyways, time for a new server...

I have a Pentium D Dual Core server with 3 250 Gb SATA drives in a Hot Swap Serial ATA Cage complete with "Intel Matrix v5.6.1002 ICH7R wRAID5 and am trying to install Fedora 6 on it.

When I try to install with RAID5 enabled I get an "exception occurred..this is most likely a bug......" However if I change the to RAID1 it all goes fine. Does anyone have a clue if I am dreaming getting this working with RAID5? Do I need some drivers?

thanks in advance for your time, Terry
I have several system working using software RAID-1/5/6. I configure the "RAID" controller as JBOD, have a mirrored /boot (100GB) and RAID-5 swap (pick a size), then RAID-5 for the rest. I have commented elsewhere about most SATA controllers, my opinion hasn't changed.

Bill Davidsen
  He was a full-time professional cat, not some moonlighting
ferret or weasel. He knew about these things.

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