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Re: Source for Fedora kernels

On Thu, Jan 04, 2007 at 07:43:48PM -0500, Bill Davidsen wrote:
> Is there somewhere I can find the source used to build the kernel RPMs 
> available when updates occur? Not the naked source and hundreds of 
> patches, but the real source in /usr/src/kernels which seems to be what 
> interesting kernel features want? I really want to try KVM, having 
> decided that xen just isn't working on FC6 with selinux functional.

Install the source rpm, then run rpmbuild -bp to get an unpacked tree with
the patches applied. This *is* the real source.

> Trying to guess what patches were applied, in what order, and build 
> source and kernel from scratch is a long painful process I really don't 
> need. 

It sure would be painful if you guessed. But why guess when there's a file
which tells you exactly how they're applied (the spec file), and tools for
using that file?

>      Moreover, it appears that the RPM kernl binaries are built with a 
> compiler other than the default gcc4.x or the "compat" gcc3.x.

I don't think so. Fedora has always been self-hosting -- everything you need
to build the distro is in the distro.

> I assume that the real source is available somewhere.

Yes, as above.

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