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Re: [OT] Sendmail Question

On 1/4/07, Alexander Dalloz <ad+lists uni-x org> wrote:
Dan Track schrieb:

> Hi
> Thanks for the reply. Maybe if I explain what I'm doing it might help.
> I've written this small mailer program that send mails to a number of
> people, the config file contains live email addresses. What I'd like
> to do is run the program on my desktop, and use my local sendmail to
> accept the emails but then to delete or drop them. Bear in mind that
> these are live email addresses so if they get out the people will be
> rather annoyed.
> Let me know if I've not made myself clear
> Thanks for your help.
> Dan

Add to your sendmail.mc


while virtual-domains contains a line per domain


In virtusertable add entries for the test user mail addresses pointing
to an aliases entry, which itself looks like this

blackhole: /dev/null


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HI All,

Many thanks for all your replies. Maybe if I list it in point format
it will be easier

1) I am using my desktop for testing this appication
2) I've got well over a 1000 emails in there, so I can't see the
virtusertable as an easy solution
3) I want sendmail to drop|delete ALL mails, I just wnat sendmail to
accept them then immediately drop| delete them without sending them on
4) There should be no bouncebacks as sendmail should not have sent any
mails out in the first place.

Thanks again

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