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Re: DNS Server search order

On Fri, 2007-01-05 at 10:24 +0000, Dan Track wrote:

> I've got a problem resolving some internal hosts. I've listed three
> servers in my resolv.conf. The first two (ext1 ext2) are external and
> the last is internal (int 1). With this setup I'm unable to resolve my
> internal hosts.
> However if I rearrange the dns servers so I now have
> nameserver int1
> nameserver ext1
> nameserver ext2
> I can resolve the internal hosts easily.
> So my question is really why won't the hostnames get resolved if the
> internal DNS server is last in the list to be queried ?

The usual process is to query the first, wait for a response, then query
the next if there's no response.  This will mean, at least, a
significant delay for internet name resolution.  The time-out for the
first two isn't always quick.

What you're asking it to resolve might play a part in why you're not
getting an answer.  If the external resolvers do provide some answer,
but not the one that you want (such as reverse look-ups on 192.168.x.y
addresses), that'd be the cause of your problems.

You can dispense with the external resolvers, and use your internal one
for all queries (internal and internet addresses).

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