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Re: [OT] Sendmail Question

Dan Track wrote:

Many thanks for all your replies. Maybe if I list it in point format
it will be easier

1) I am using my desktop for testing this appication
2) I've got well over a 1000 emails in there, so I can't see the
virtusertable as an easy solution
3) I want sendmail to drop|delete ALL mails, I just wnat sendmail to
accept them then immediately drop| delete them without sending them on
4) There should be no bouncebacks as sendmail should not have sent any
mails out in the first place.

If the addresses are all at a few domains, the virtusertable approach
shouldn't be too bad, but if they are aren't you might just
replace /usr/sbin/sendmail with a shell script that ignores
arguments and its input like"

cat >/dev/null
exit 0

And, of course, turn off the normal init script startup.  Note that
this will also lose your normal internal mail from logwatch, etc.
A better approach would be to look at the package you want to
test to see if it has a way to define the mailer and point it at
such a script instead of replacing sendmail.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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