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Re: A really good article on software usability

On Friday 05 January 2007 11:01, Tim wrote:
> I was helping someone come to terms with computing a while back, and
> every time they closed a document, they'd be asked about saving it, and
> they'd always say yes, no matter what.  

But at least it's the safe option.  Default actions should always to be the 
safe way, IMO.

> They put no thought into the 
> fact that they hadn't made any changes to the document, so that they
> shouldn't save as closing.  The program was stupidly prompting them,
> because they'd printed it (not a real document change, in the normal
> understanding of the word).  

So you don't consider print settings for the document to be a real change?  I 
do.  It's odds on that if I want to print it again I will want to use the 
identical settings.

> If the user does not use their brain, then all is lost.  



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