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Re: Dual boots (MS Windows and Fedora) with 3 hard disks (2nd post)

On Saturday, January 06, 2007, at 12:10AM, "Anne Wilson" <cannewilson tiscali co uk> wrote:

>> Basic and probably daft question:
>> Is /dev/hda1 jumpered properly? (One would assume so, if you have already
>> installed XP on it in a single-disk system.)
>Not necessarily.  Some drives have different jumpers for single or 
>master/slave configuration.

Yes, and I assumed that if Khemera had installed XP on a standalone disk that the jumper settings were ok for being connected to the first IDE slot, as suggested by its being identified as /dev/hda1; it simply occurred to me that something might have got changed along the way and that it would be best to check before we started going down more complicated avenues.

By the way, Khemera, the chainloader +1 line is correct in both instances (in fact for any number of instances where you want GRUB to pass the boot process to another system); you have the addresses ((hd1,0) ...) correctly and that is what is important. Not sure you need the mapping information, though!

Best wishes,


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