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Re: Need compiz rpm updates from Fedora!

Rob Andrews wrote:

> On 05-Jan-2007 07:32.17 (GMT), Paul Johnson wrote:
>  > Why don't the Compiz package managers update their offerings?  The FC6
>  > version is now way out of date!
> Fedora Core 6 is released. Release editions don't get new or updated packages,
> but packages do get updated when bugs are found in that package
> release.

Huh? "Packages don't get updated, but they do"?

That doesn't really make sense, but assuming you meant something like
"Package versions don't get incremented but patches are applied to fix
bugs/security problems in the package" then, with respect, that's not
correct. It's somewhat closer to the truth for Red Hat Enterprise Linux,
but even then not really right, not least because RHEL has U1, U2, U3 etc.

(You only have to look at the download repository, or package
changelogs, or the output of "yum update" on a new install to see this
in practice)

Fedora is in fact a relatively fast-moving distribution, where package
updates often *are* made, and that is one (but not the only) thing which
differentiates it from "enterprise" distributions. This doesn't,
however, mean that Fedora slavishly follows upstream versions (otherwise
there would be no such thing as a "release"); package owners use
discretion in deciding which updates merit bringing into the update
repository now, and which should wait for the next major release.

> This is the same across the board for all Linux distributions.

This is clearly incorrect. There are a huge number of distributions and
many varied update policies.


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