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Re: DNS Server search order

Dan Track wrote:
> HI
> Thanks everybody for your help. I guess the crux of the matter then is
> for me to put the internal DNS server first.
> Thanks
> Dan
You may find that it works better to use something like dnsmasq for
the internal name server, and have it listed as your only name
server. Then put the external name servers in the config for
dnsmasq. That way, you get fast response on local domains, and a DNS
cache as well.

This works great for desktops with a fixed IP address. If you use
DHCP to get your IP address, you need the PEERDNS=no option for the
interface so that resolv.conf does not get overwritten. If you use
it for a laptop, make sure that you use publicly accessible name
servers, or at least ones that work everywhere you plug in the laptop.


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