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Re: Need compiz rpm updates from Fedora!

On 05-Jan-2007 16:00.33 (GMT), Tim Jackson wrote:
 > > Fedora Core 6 is released. Release editions don't get new or updated packages,
 > > but packages do get updated when bugs are found in that package
 > > release.
 > Huh? "Packages don't get updated, but they do"?
 > That doesn't really make sense, but assuming you meant something like
 > "Package versions don't get incremented but patches are applied to fix
 > bugs/security problems in the package" then, with respect, that's not
 > correct. It's somewhat closer to the truth for Red Hat Enterprise Linux,
 > but even then not really right, not least because RHEL has U1, U2, U3 etc.

Infrequently, packages are updated to newer upstream releases, but the
tendancy is to fix the issue rather than bring in a whole new version with a
potential whole new set of bugs. Thus a new release of the same package
version happens, except in very rare circumstances.

The same happens with RHEL's updates.

Can you provide several good examples of how a whole new upstream release
has made it into Fedora over the past few years? I can think of only a few -
as I recall, FC5 had a new kernel version not long after release - to name
but one.

rob andrews                       :: pgp 0x01e00563 :: rob choralone org

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