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Re: A really good article on software usability

On Friday 05 January 2007 16:49, William Case wrote:
> People with an 80 IQ should be just as welcome using a computer as
> someone with a 120 IQ and beyond.
And why not?  As long as it can be set up to meet their needs, fine.  But to 
do this we *must* retain choice.  Without it they would be exposed to 
unsuitable conditions that would make the experience most unsatisfactory.

> I believe that Linux and Linux applications do not need to choose
> between what features, prompts or plugins to include and what to leave
> out.  It can do both.  It can start as an appliance, with simple, clear,
> 'just works' defaults but also have a powerful configuration editor so
> that once people are familiar with the basic tools they can begin to
> make personalized adjustments.  If prompts, asking me to save are
> annoying, then let me turn them off.
Exactly.  Retain the functionality, but give and enhance choice.


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