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Re: Beryl options and nvidia

Gérard Milmeister wrote:
I have beryl running with nvidia prop. drivers with the following
beryl --use-cow --force-aiglx --skip-gl-yield
There are now problems with black windows etc... that may appear with
other options. The X server is running with increased priority (set by
using schedtool), so there responsiveness is good running tvtime
smoothly even under system load.
There is one small issue however: Before a menu window is filled with
content, there may appear some artifacts in the window background. These
disappear if I use the --force-nvidia option, but then UI responsiveness
is distintively slower and tvtime does not run smoothly anymore.
Is this is a known issue?

There are known problems with the current nVidia drivers and the use of Compiz/Beryl, secondary to the current incomplete implementation of texture_from_pixmap (TFP) required for compositing. Based upon the present timeline since nVidia was made aware of these issues (> 2 months), a fix appears to be a low priority for them and their official line is that they are still "investigating the problem". Taken literally, that would suggest that they have not yet even identified the problem, as opposed to "we are investigating possible solutions".

Even more interesting is that their beta driver web page at:


appears to be now totally blank save the header graphic, presuming that there is not a server problem.

In the mean time, with the updates to Beryl version 0.1.4 in the past few days here, there is a setting either at the command line or using the Beryl Settings Manager (Advanced Beryl Options -> Rendering Path) that seems to help.

At the CLI use:


which I presume uses a (slower?) mechanism other than TFP for compositing.

This seems to reduce the incidence of black windows (presumably due to reduced VRAM requirements) and in playing with disabling some of the plug-ins, is finally making Beryl at least usable here, though far from what I had with either Compiz-Quinn or Beryl under FC5 using XGL and the older 8XXX series nVidia drivers along with mesa-cvs.

I have played around with other options, such as the one's that you have tried, without consistent effect. There is a great deal of interaction between the various Beryl settings and the xorg.conf settings that _may_ be relevant to nVidia card performance. There does not yet seem to be a consistent solution and may not be until nVidia sees fit to fix the TFP problem.

In addition, there is an option in the Beryl Settings Manager under Visual Effects -> Window Decoration that needs to be enabled to get Emerald (Beryl's WM) to work properly. Folks having problems getting Window Decorations should make sure that this is checked.


Marc Schwartz

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