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Re: problems with Evolution

On Fri, 2007-01-05 at 08:29 -0600, Scott Berry wrote:
> I am still having problems with evolution when trying to get my mail
> through a pop server.  When explaining steps since I am totally blind
> and actually helping my father it would be very helpful if you could
> please list steps in order of what to do.  For instance, one guy said
> not to use password on smtp how is this doen?  Thanks much here is my
> error message.
> Enter password for pilotalk sales
> Unable to connect to pop server mail.pilotalk.com.  Error sending
> password: -ERR Username/Password Mismatch
> Please enter the pop password for artg on host mail.pilotalk.com
> Remember password is checked.
Well configuration for the pop server is done on a page reached as
1, Go to Edit -> Preferences
2, That should bring you to a page with the Option: Mail Accounts
3. highlight the Account name you want to edit and click Edit
4. Now you will have displayed a page that has several options you can
select from along the top, The one displayed by default is the Identity
page. You want to go the Receiving Email configuration page (the second
option on the top of the display.
5. Here is the configuration information for the pop server if that is
what you are using.. On it you choose the Server Type to be POP.
Next the Configuration section where you have to enter the IP of your
pop server. Next your user name. Here I think is your problem since your
user name usually required your full e-mail address.

You Authentication type should be Password. and check Remember password

6. The first time you run evolution and request mail it should ask you
for a password. After you enter it it should be remembered.

7. Now the password you enter must match the one you arranged to assign
to you by your ISP. I would check with them that they have the right
password recorded.

The same thing can be done with the smtp server, except the
Authentication type is Login, Its tab is called Sending Email.

If there are more questions ask.
Aaron Konstam <akonstam sbcglobal net>

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