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Re: Inquiry

On 5 Jan 2007, at 17:07, ahmed mostafa wrote:

I am a new user to fedora core 6 "Zod", and I enabled Arabic language support while installation, but when I opened OpenOffice.org to enter arabic text I didn't know how to enter it (I tried pressing right ALT+SHIFT but nothing happened), I could only enter English text. Kindly advise me how to enter Arabic text in OpenOffice.org.

Welcome to the growing throng, Ahmed. I can't help you specifically on Arabic but I do use the CJK (Chinese--Japanese--Korean) part of the input system. Basically if you have installed the Arabic option during the installation, Arabic input will be available via the SCIM facility. CJK input on my system is accessed by pressing Ctrl-Space, Arabic may have a different default combination to toggle between Latin and Arabic input. Go to the K-Menu (under KDE -- don't know the Gnome equivalent off-hand) and then to Settings=>Input Method. Make sure the SCIM is set as the default (system-wide) and then look under the Help system (search for "SCIM") and that should give you links to manual pages for all the languages installed on your system. Whether you are in OpenOffice or even a notepad application, you can input Arabic via SCIM.

As I say, I'm not sure if this applies to Arabic, though a quick Google search for

  SCIM Linux Arabic

suggests to me that it would.

Linux has what they politely term a "steep learning curve" but it's well worth it!

Best wishes,


PS When posting messages to the list it helps everybody if you are more specific with the subject you give your message: "Inquiry about input methods for Arabic" would, for example, probably have drawn more responses from around the globe!

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