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Re: opteron series 100 (160,170 and 180) on fedora x86_64

On Thu, 2007-01-04 at 22:45 +0100, Xiyan Lon wrote:
> I am planning to build new machine for my self (only for desktop or 
> workstation).
> In my previuos machine I have PC3200/DDR400 non-ECC 2GB of RAM and 
> nvidia 6600gt
> Because I have DDR400, I want to buy motherboard which support this RAM.
> Actually I want to buy Athlon X2 3800 socket 939 but I did not find in 
> the market (only AM2 in the market).
> After searching, I found opteron series 100 (160,170 and 180) and I 
> think this processor support amd64 and have dual-core. With this new 
> machine I want to install fc6 x86_64.
> My question: Are there any experience with this processor (opteron 
> series 100) for using on desktop machine?
> XL

I've got a large number of Opteron machines ranging from 2 x Opteron
248, 2 x Opteron 270, 285 up to 4 x Opteron 870 - all running Fedoa (and
RHEL) x86_64.
No problems what-so-ever.

A. Dual core 17x/18x Opterons require a "normal" s939 motherboard. (The
same boards as Athlon64X2 CPUs.)
B. Dual socket 2xx Opterons require ECC/Registered memory.

In short, if you want dual core + DDR memory, you'll have to find a 939

Have you tried Ebay?
- Gilboa 

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