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Re: What version of 32bit software are needed for OOo on Linux x86_64?

Hi Ambrogio,

2007/1/6, Ambrogio <fn050202 flashnet it>:
Hi all,

I hope someone had my same problem.

I was running Fedora Core 5 64 bit and OOo.
I started upgrading to Fedora Core 6 and all was gone ok, but I decided
to remove all 32bit packages, and after that to reinstall only the 32bit
packages needed for Firefox and OOo.

After that the appearance of GNOME Application, and also OOo are not
I have a screenshot on

Someone can help me on installing the needed 32bit package? (I think
somethik is related to gtk but I don't know what is needed).

I'm usign the OpenOffice official version, but same problem is for OOo
2.0.4 from fedora repos, and little same for evolution.
It's not too bad, but I hate the different look for KDE apps and other

have you tried gtk-qt-engine, from extras repos?


Alessandro Brezzi

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