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Re: Fedora Add/remove software

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Tim wrote:
> Tim:
>>> Now, [after stopping the auto yum updater] you ought to be able to
>>> use yum, manually, or other utilities that make use of yum.
> David Timms
>> I occasionally see this effect to; some times it seems to be soon
>> after logging in, but before the puplet tray icon shows. I think if I
>> wait a few minutes, then yum based apps then operate OK.
> The first FC6 installation managed to hose itself when that thing kicked
> in, by itself, in the middle of me doing manual yum activities.  Over
> several years of using Red Hat and Fedora Core, that was the one and
> only time that I had an RPM database screw up.
AFAIK that problem has been resolved.  At least I haven't seen it in a
while other than of course when yumupdatesd is active (when I first
boot) and occasionally (every few hours during the day?) If I just wait
'till I get the pop-up that tells me how many updates are available, I
can use yum, pup or Add/Remove Programs.

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