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Re: Question re logdir perms

Anne Wilson wrote:
On Saturday 06 January 2007 17:49, Gene Heskett wrote:

Greetings all;

I would like to convert a utility so it can run as a normal user.
However, this normal user has no write perms to /var/log and therefore
cannot generate its log file.

Whats the normal procedure in this case, make that user a member of the
group disk?, or make a subdir in /var/log this user then owns?

I can do either, the latter easier than trying to figure out chmod from
its obtuse manpage.

Does the log file have to be in /var/log? If this is being run as a user, couldn't the appropriate conf file set the log path to a home directory? I know that some applications do this.

This sounds like a better approach to me, as well.

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