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Re: Can't burn CDs

Mike McCarty wrote:
Norm wrote:
My HL-DT-ST CD RW GCE-8240B drive will not write to a disk. The box is a dual boot and when it is in its windoze configuration the drive does write correctly. FC6 can read data on a disk in the drive but it refuses to read a blank disk I have tried using both K3b and x-CD-Roast

I'm not sure what you mean by "it refuses to read a blank disc". Can
you elaborate? IOW, please state something like

"When I do xyz, I expect pdq to happen, but what I see is foo."

You might include any error messages.

Be sure to include information about what a "blank disc" is. Is this
a R/W which you erased in some manner? A fresh recordable? Or what?

with similar results, Does Linux have a hardware issue with this drive, the only other thought I have is my cd drive is a slave on the same controller that my DVD drive is a master on and possibly switching them may be the answer. Before I make the switch I would like to confirm that the problem is not a Linux compatibility issue.

After a bit of checking I found the problem, a new bundle of CDs I just bought have a large percentage of unseable CDs in the mix. This batch is not as bad as one bundle I bought that ran to over 75 % bad. I could understand a few bad CDs in an economy bundle but the number of dud CD I find in a premium brand is much higher than I would expect.

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