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Re: FC6 software update notification

Richard England wrote:
Gerhard Magnus wrote:
After installing FC6 I noticed something resembling the return of the
old Redhat software update icon on the panel.  Running the application
worked fine the first time but I seem to have lost the icon somehow.
What's this program called?  How do I get it back running in the
background and notifying me about available updates?

Thanks for the help!  --Jerry

run system-config-services from the command line and look for "yum-updatesd". If that service is running, you have nothing more to do. My system alerts me periodically when updates are available.
Further to that: the icon is from puplet {the pup applet}. Once you have applied any outstanding updates, a minute or so later, puplet hides it's icon. If the yum-updatesd eventually finds some extra updates, it informs puplet so that the icon will then be displayed again.


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