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CD-DVD writing?

I seem to have a CD/DVD-ROM incompatibility and I'm looking for some suggestions, help and possibly a final solution.

My system is using an Intel DG965RY motherboard with an 2.8Ghz Pentium D processor, Fedora Core 6 x64_86, and along with whatever the latest updates are via yum. I am using the all-generic-ide command on the grub boot line.

I have 2 CD/DVD RW drives, the first one is a BenQ DW 1620and in an attempt to solve the problem I upgraded the drive to the latest firmware. the other one is a Sony DRU-500A which came in an external USB/Firewire case.

The Sony drive works perfectly fine in its external case, and in fact I used it to install the system before I knew about the "all-generic-ide" command to workaround the IDE support issues on my motherboard. The Sony drive also works perfectly fine when removed from the external case and installed internally for both reading and writing.

The BenQ drive on the other hand is a problem, it does not write CD/DVD's when connected to the IDE bus in the machine (I don't remember about reading as I've been writing a lot of DVD's at the moment) it starts up and then fails leaving me with a coaster. However if I take the BenQ drive and put it in the external case that the Sony drive came in and plug it into the system it then works perfectly fine.

Where do I go from here??  Suggestions?


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