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Re: How to display CLI output on another machine

Manuel Arostegui Ramirez wrote:
> If you need to look at what happened before your question was sent to this 
> list...good luck :-), I mean, I don't actually know if there's a way to 
> recover that, of course, here there's so much people, just wait :-)
If it is still displayed on the VC, then you can use something like
"cat /dev/vcs1 > capture.txt" to grab it. I don't know how to get at
what is in the scrollback buffer, and changing VCs will clear that
anyway... If you scroll back so that it is displayed on the screen,
then cat /dev/vcs1 will get it, but only if you can run it from
something like an ssh secession. What this does is capture the
currently displayed contents on VC1 (If you want VC2, use /dev/vcs2.)

If you have gpm running, you can do cli cut and past of what is
displayed using the mouse. But capturing more then one screenfull
can be a long process. It works better for things like grabbing a
command from documentation displayed on VC1, and pasting it as a
command on VC2.


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