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Re: Restarting modem/router through software

On 1/7/07, Mikkel L. Ellertson <mikkel infinity-ltd com> wrote:
>> From time to time, my modem/router sticks and I have to switch it off
> and then on again. Can that be done only with software, without using
> the modem physical switcher?
It depends on how it "sticks". If it has a WEB/based interface, and
that works when the router 'sticks", then you may be able to do a
software reset. If it is locking up, and not responding to the
outside world, then you are limited to the switch or some other
method of turning off the power, and turning it back on.

Have you checked for a firmware upgrade for the modem/router that
fixes the "sticking" problem?

Thanks, Mikkel. The modem was supplied by my ISP and there is no
documentation at all. I have tried to upgrade the firmware, but I
always get "time out", even with the firewall off. And yes, there is a
web interface for the modem. My problem is that during the night I
leave my computer downloading and the downloads are interrupted
because the Internet connection becomes sort of blocked (needing a
power off and on of the modem).


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