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Re: How to display CLI output on another machine

Around 08:13pm on Sunday, January 07, 2007 (UK time), Nigel Henry scrawled:

> X is running on both machines, which are both next to one another. At the 
> moment I have text on KDE's Konsole on machine B. I need to be able to see 
> this text on machine A. I can ssh into machine B from machine A with no 
> problem. I can then type "konsole", but this just opens an empty konsole. 
> What I'm looking for is to display what's on machine B's Konsole on machine 
> A.

Nigel, I think you are saying that you already have a konsole running on
machine B, displaying on machine B's screen.  And that you want to see
the output that is on this konsole on machine A's screen.

If this is correct, I don't think you can do it.  You can run a machine
B's console on machine A's screen using ssh, as others have explained,
but if a konsole is already launched on machine B and displayed on B's
screen, you can't "capture" this console and also display it on machine
A's screen. (as far as I know :-)



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