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Re: How to display CLI output on another machine

On Sunday 07 January 2007 21:36, Steve Searle wrote:
> Around 08:13pm on Sunday, January 07, 2007 (UK time), Nigel Henry scrawled:
> > X is running on both machines, which are both next to one another. At the
> > moment I have text on KDE's Konsole on machine B. I need to be able to
> > see this text on machine A. I can ssh into machine B from machine A with
> > no problem. I can then type "konsole", but this just opens an empty
> > konsole. What I'm looking for is to display what's on machine B's Konsole
> > on machine A.
> Nigel, I think you are saying that you already have a konsole running on
> machine B, displaying on machine B's screen.  And that you want to see
> the output that is on this konsole on machine A's screen.
> If this is correct, I don't think you can do it.  You can run a machine
> B's console on machine A's screen using ssh, as others have explained,
> but if a konsole is already launched on machine B and displayed on B's
> screen, you can't "capture" this console and also display it on machine
> A's screen. (as far as I know :-)
> Steve

Hi Steve. Thanks for your reply. If that is the case, I will just have to put 
up with saving Konsoles output as a .txt file, then ssh'ing in from the other 
machine to retrieve the text file.

I was just hoping that there might be some simpler path to achieving this.


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