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Re: Restarting modem/router through software

Paul Smith wrote:
> My connection is an ADSL one and I cannot find a timeout setting in
> the modem configuration. In any case, I will switch off/on the modem
> more often, to check whether the problem is caused by a IP change.
What you will want to do is check the IP address now. If you can
access the status page of the modem after it "sticks", check to see
if the IP address has changed. It shouldn't, but the modem should
not "stick" in the first place. If your IP address changes during a
download, the download will usualy stop.

> And yes, the modem is reset after a "saving settings" from the web
> interface.
On some modems, there is a "Restart Modem" option that restarts the
modem even if you have not made changes. The question is, can you do
a software reset after the modem starts giving you problems? If so,
you can use a program like wget or Lynx to cause a software reset by
requesting the same page as the browser does when this "button" is
clicked on.

If you can not reset the modem from the web page when it "sticks",
then you will probably limited to interrupting the power to reset
it. But as I said before, you should talk to your ISP about getting
the modem fixed instead. When it is possible, fix the problem
instead of trying to create a way to work around the problem.


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