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Re: I might be ready to give up...

Hal Levy wrote:
On 1/7/07, Jim Cornette <fc-cornette insight rr com> wrote:

I usually just hit any key to get into the grub menu and then press the
a key for the append mode. Pressing a will show the kernel parameters
line where you can backspace out rhgb quiet and then press a spacebar
and then the letter 1 for single user mode. Runlevel 1 does not have the
network started so you need to start the network with 'service network
I'm not sure if the firewall is started in runlevel 1 so probably
putting in a 3 instead of a 1 would be safer. I'll have to check that on
my next drop to single user mode.
For runlevel 3, your network should be started and also the firewall.
You shouldn't have to start anything out of the ordinary.

As you said though, running yum from within the GUI is chancy for the
first run through and deadly with yum upgrades from one release to the next.

You probably already upgraded the system so other methods were probably
already used.

Jim- I have not already upgraded- as my last message said, i got
another strange setting and I am looking to find out what it means
before moving forward. What you explained here is exactly what I
needed to make sure I could get into runlevel 3.  I was not removinf
the "rhgb quiet" and I was just putting the instruction I was told to
on the end of the line.  This is probably why it wasn't working.

Thanks, Once I am ready to move to the next step (and run yum updates)
I will do it this way.


I hope it helps you get the system updated as you desire. There was a package that crashed X in the middle of updating. I don't recall if it was the development version or the released version. I run both versions. Anyway an exiting X while using yum causes all kinds of incomplete transactions and one messed up rpm database, runlevel 3 or running yum from a virtual terminal is always safest. Though I run yum through a gnome-terminal frequently and was bit a few times for my actions.

Good luck straightening out the other problem.


One has to look out for engineers -- they begin with sewing machines
and end up with the atomic bomb.
		-- Marcel Pagnol

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