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Madwifi on FC6 - Wireless Card Misconfigures as Ethernet


Just installed FC6 on a Dell Inspiron 1200 having a Netgear Dual Band Wireless Card Model WAG511.

I installed the madwifi and kmod-madwifi packages for the latest kernel--an i686 kernel; I made sure of that.

But the hardware device is misconfigured as though it were an Ethernet card, and not a Wireless card.

As a result, the system doesn't even know that it has a wireless card in place.

Attempts to establish a "New Wireless Connection" require me to specify "Other Wireless Card"--and no Netgear cards show up. Any device I try to put in, won't probe for the MAC address.

Result: I can't configure wireless settings, nor put in a WEP pass-key.

And when I force the MAC address, the drivers still won't run.

What now, short of reverting to FC4 to get back my last known good setup?


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