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Re: Cups broken and my stomach is upset - Anger Management in Action Danger! Danger! Will Robinson!

Ric Moore a écrit :

I printed out some plain text documents for my project and then cranked
up gimp to print one graphic page for the cover of the Dvd that I am to
send. Well, what had been just plain ole working about a week or so ago,
started sucking in paper with one line printed saying "%!PS-Adobe-3.0
         %%Creator: Print plug-in V4.2.7 - July 2004 for Gimp/Gimp print

Have you gimp-print-utils, gimp-print-cups, gimp-print-plugin installed?

What is your printer? Did you configurate it through the dialog window
opened when you want to print from gimp?

Sometimes you have to "import" a ppd file for your printer; if your
printer is not listed in gimp list, choose "generic postcript" printer
in the dialog box, then you will be able to import the ppd file for your

Hope this help.

François Patte
UFR de mathématiques et informatique
Université René Descartes

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