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Re: Installation Isuues - Screen Resolution Distorted on Virtual PC 2004 SP1

Paul Lockwood wrote:

I finially got my DVD iso through a torrent, only to have this
corrupt. So after downloading the CD iso images from a mirror site
things started to get installed.

When I first started the install with the GUI installer the screen
suddenly went to wide screen and totally unreadable. After doing some
searching I've found that this is due to the S3 card being used by
Virtual PC does not support 24 bit colours which Linux automatically

I've left the virtual machine still installing this morning as I left
for work using the command line method. So I do not know what state
this will be in when I get home.

Does anyone know how to get over this 24 bit color issue, especially
from the install GUI side.

Please ntoe I am totally new to Linux but do work in the IT Industry
so I may not know all of the technical Linux stuff you may quote.
My suggestion - since this is a fedora linux list ;):
- get vmware-server-1.0.1
- install it
- get some free serial numbers (non-expiring!)

And have your vm guests (win or linux including fc6) just install and work!

When you are a little bit familiar, reformat your win pc with fc6 and go get the linux vmware-server. You just move the vm's you made (somewhere else temporarily) onto your linux disk, and they still just work.


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