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Re: A really good article on software usability

On Monday 08 January 2007 13:48, Tim wrote:
> Tim:
> >> Too much like that disastrous re-arrange your mess of the start menu on
> >> Windows (which wouldn't be needed if the thing was organised, in the
> >> first place).
> Anne Wilson:
> > I certainly wouldn't quote fedora's menu, at least under kde, as a
> > good example.
> Me either, though the Gnome one's not too bad.  Apart from the STUPID
> generic naming of some items, instead of naming the particular item.
> e.g. Internet Messenger instead of Gaim instant messenger.
>      Or Audio Player, instead of XMMS audio player (I've got more
>      than one audio player).
>      An so on...
> > As for the windows one, I've often rearranged it and never had it
> > revert.
> Sounds like they get rid of that disaster for XP then.  But to replace
> it, by default, with a whacking huge panel where people can't find what
> they want.

It never happened to me in any of the versions I've used, from 3.1 to XP.  I 
dislike the XP one, as you do, but when I have to use XP I change most such 
things to Classic style.  I don't recall whether the main menu can be done 
that way, though.  Still, we are drifting way off topic.


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