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Re: Installation Isuues - Screen Resolution Distorted on (Mostly Resolved)

My suggestion - since this is a fedora linux list ;):
- get vmware-server-1.0.1
- install it
- get some free serial numbers (non-expiring!)

And have your vm guests (win or linux including fc6) just install and work!

When you are a little bit familiar, reformat your win pc with fc6 and go
get the linux vmware-server. You just move the vm's you made (somewhere
else temporarily) onto your linux disk, and they still just work.

Thanks for the suggestion. I was actually trying to keep away from VMWare and Virtual Server as these install as services, plus many other components.
The beauty of VirtualPC is that is just a program running and does not run all the time at bootup.
I have managed to install Fedora on Virtual PC. However this had to be done as a command line installation. Getting the GUI to run took a little more investigation to use the startx command and modifying the /etc/inittab file to auto run on startup.
The only issue I have with virtual PC is being able to install using the GUI as this does not support 24bit.
I'm now reading a couple of books to get used to the system and see where I want to go from there.
Many Thanks

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