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Re: k3b limits to 4.4GB for dual layer burns?

On 1/8/07, oldman <talbotscott cox net> wrote:
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Kirk Lowery wrote:
> I just upgraded from fc5 to fc6. I have a Sony dual layer DVD burner
> that has worked just fine, although I have not burned a dual layer
> disc before.
> k3b recognizes the media just fine: 8.0 GB, etc. But when I go to set
> up a new project, it only allows 4.4 gigs.
> Is this a k3b limitation? Config error? Pilot error? (nah...couldn't be!
> ;-)
> Any suggestions would be appreciated.
> TIA!
> Kirk

Right click on the bar at the bottom of the k3b screen (the bar that
shows the current/maximum size).  You should see a list of options for
max size.

<sigh> Thanks for not replying "RTFM!". ;-) Yep, it's right where you
said it was.

Actually, I did do some "due diligence." I read the help manual and
googled a bit before posting. No mention of the feature...


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