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Re: cannot remove files from /tmp


That is very helpfull in understanding what is going on.
Solving this is another matter...

# lsattr -a linc* shows :
----i----j--T linc-160f-0-2c899751e4a49
s--D-a-A-j-t- linc-d19-0-5e596cf89dd0e
---D-a-A-j-t- linc-d1b-0-5e596cf865a39
s--D-ad--j-t- linc-d38-0-5fcf32a247496
suS--a-----t- OSL_PIPE_500_SingleOfficeIPC_5c953c8cde59b25240dbf8a4df6a2ff6
--S-i--A-j--T virtual-rolf.usyUMr

chattr command says
The 'j´ attribute suggests this is a journalling problem
The‘s’ attribute - when deleted - will write its block(s) back to disk.
My filesystem is ext3 and kernel 2.6.17-1.2142 ( FC4 )
I am not sure what will happen if I change the 's' attr ( if I can ) ....
Can it be, that this will create new problem ?

.... and don't shout all at once : do-it, do-it ... and tell us what happened.... this is not funny !
.... I am getting nervous with these things. ;-)


Steve Siegfried wrote:

As root, try running lsattr(1) on these files.  If you find any files
whose attribute descriptor isn't "-------------" (i.e.: all dashes),
then read up on chattr(1).


Rolf Gerrits wrote:
I have a problem removing files from the /tmp directory ...
At startup the system cannot remove them either

------s-w-  1 rpm  20752 16384 Jan 15  1971 linc-160f-0-2c899751e4a49
-----ws--x  1 rpm  49661 16384 Jan  1  1970 linc-d19-0-5e596cf89dd0e
-----ws--x  1 rpm  49661 16384 Jan  1  1970 linc-d1b-0-5e596cf865a39
-----ws--x  1 rpm  49661  8192 Jan  1  1970 linc-d38-0-5fcf32a247496
-----ws--x 1 rpm 49661 16384 Jan 1 1970 OSL_PIPE_500_SingleOfficeIPC_5c953c8cde59b25240dbf8a4df6a2ff6
------Sr--  1 rpm  16832 28672 Jan  1  1970 virtual-rolf.usyUMr

This probably happened with the recent crashes I have with my FC4/6 system ( or maybe they are the cause of it ? )
.... any suggestions ?


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