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Re: cannot remove files from /tmp

Rolf Gerrits <rm gerrits quicknet nl> initially asked:
> I have a problem removing files from the /tmp directory ...
> At startup the system cannot remove them either
> <snip>
> ------s-w-  1 rpm  20752 16384 Jan 15  1971 linc-160f-0-2c899751e4a49
> -----ws--x  1 rpm  49661 16384 Jan  1  1970 linc-d19-0-5e596cf89dd0e
> -----ws--x  1 rpm  49661 16384 Jan  1  1970 linc-d1b-0-5e596cf865a39
> -----ws--x  1 rpm  49661  8192 Jan  1  1970 linc-d38-0-5fcf32a247496
> -----ws--x  1 rpm  49661 16384 Jan  1  1970
> OSL_PIPE_500_SingleOfficeIPC_5c953c8cde59b25240dbf8a4df6a2ff6
> ------Sr--  1 rpm  16832 28672 Jan  1  1970 virtual-rolf.usyUMr
> <snip>
> This probably happened with the recent crashes I have with my FC4/6
> system ( or maybe they are the cause of it ? )
> .... any suggestions ?
> Rolf

I had suggested he examine the output of "lsattr -a *", which showed:
> ----i----j--T linc-160f-0-2c899751e4a49
> s--D-a-A-j-t- linc-d19-0-5e596cf89dd0e
> ---D-a-A-j-t- linc-d1b-0-5e596cf865a39
> s--D-ad--j-t- linc-d38-0-5fcf32a247496
> suS--a-----t- OSL_PIPE_500_SingleOfficeIPC_5c953c8cde59b25240dbf8a4df6a2ff6
> --S-i--A-j--T virtual-rolf.usyUMr

Based on "info chattr" output, we can translate these mode bits as:
      a - append only,
      c - compressed,
      d - no dump,
      i - immutable,
      j - data journalling,
      s - secure deletion,
      t - no tail-merging,
      u - undeletable,
      A - no atime updates ,
      D - synchronous directory updates,
      S - synchronous updates,
      T - top of directory hierarchy.

So basically, Rolf's got some set-gid files he can't erase as root because
the files attribute bits (the lsattr/chattr stuff, not the file mode bits)
are preventing it.

Thus, from where I sit, it looks like the following ought to do the job
(and I tested this by creating some files matching the modes/attributes
Rolf reported):

    $ cd /tmp
    $ su
    # chattr -sDiaAjtT linc* 
    # rm -f ./linc*
    # chattr -SiAjT virtual-rolf.usyUMr
    # rm -f virtual-rolf.usyUMr
    # chattr -suSat OSL_PIPE_500_SingleOfficeIPC_5c953c8cde59b25240dbf8a4df6a2ff6
    # rm -f OSL_PIPE_500_SingleOfficeIPC_5c953c8cde59b25240dbf8a4df6a2ff6
    # exit
    # ls -l /tmp

As an aside: 99.99% of Linux programs don't mess with file attribute bits.
             The only time I've seen these attributes modified in 
             a non-orange-book-secure (i.e.: SELinux) environment
             was done as part of a script-kiddie break-in/root-hack. 
             Because of this, I'm gonna ask: are you sure you're not
             being hacked even as you try and resolve this?  Suggest at a
             minimum, you pick up a copy of chkrootkit available through
             http://www.chkrootkit.org and run it.

Note however, that if you're running SELinux, your mileage may vary about
a lot of this stuff.

Hope this helps,


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