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Re: Mounting NTFS

On Tue, Jan 09, 2007 at 02:09:31AM +0000, John Bowden wrote:
> I have installed the ntfs-3g package. How do I mount my ntfs partition,
> I would like it to be permanently mounted with read and write access. I
> know the write access is still experimental but I don't plan to be
> editing any important windoz files.

Quite often one can research a program by examining the RPM package's
information, e.g. like so:

rpm -qi ntfs-3g

This will tell you that the project URL is

There you can read about usage
(http://www.ntfs-3g.org/index.html#usage), which will answer one of
your questions. You probably want to edit an entry into /etc/fstab as
the web page suggests.

As for the write access being esperimental, the FAQ indicates that
write works except for a few circumstances, compressed files for one.


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