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Re: beagled-helper is sucking all of the resources!

Evan Panagiotopoulos wrote:
I have this process, beagled-helper, that is consistently using 85% or
more of my cpu. I read a little bit about it and I have a tough time
justifying the 85%. This Fedora OS is a relatively new install. Say, about
one month.

I would like to know if this process will always use this cpu percentage,
and, why is this process so important to little old me? I have apache and
mysql running and both processes combined don't consume 1/20 of the
beagled-helper cpu. Also, I killed it and it started itself again. I am
afraid to uninstall it because someone outhere decided that this is a good
tool for us all.



I don't know if it sucks 85% of the time or not. It doesn't suck if it is removed from the system.
I still use updatedb as a tool.

No vulgarity intended,

> This made me wonder, suddenly: can telnet be written in perl?
Of course it can be written in Perl.  Now if you'd said nroff,
that would be more challenging...   -- Larry Wall

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