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Re: Cups broken and my stomach is upset - Anger Management in Action Danger! Danger! Will Robinson!

Tim wrote:

Printers that accept postscript natively have always made life easier
on Unix-like system where everything else requires output

First time I tried to get printing working on Linux, I rapidly came to
that conclusion.  However, trawling through all the local computer
vendors, none had any that did, and few knew anything about it.  They
were all Windows people - you install your XP drivers and it prints...

Actually you install your vendor-written binary driver and it prints.
Things work like that on a Mac too (also using cups) although for
a smaller set of printers.   Don't look for that on Linux, probably
ever, even though the Mac code would most likely recompile and

Even when you look on-line, it can be hard to find a decent printer (one
that you can afford, or even just manage to get supplied to where you
are).  They might list Linux compatibility, in some vague manner.
Likewise, they might mention Postscript, again in a vague manner.  Some
don't give any clues about what printing language they use, others are
misleading.  I've got a couple of laser printers (and old and dependable
HP LaserJet 4L, and an old and unreliable Kyocera FS-400), which I've
seen reports that at least one of can handle Postscript, directly, and
others that say they don't.

Sometimes you can poke through the vendor's downloadable drivers and
see the ones that come in both PS and PCL flavors.  Othewise you have
to stick to things that ghostscript supports.

   Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell gmail com

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