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Re: beagled-helper is sucking all of the resources!

On Mon, 08 Jan 2007 21:52:35 -0500, Evan Panagiotopoulos wrote:

> I have this process, beagled-helper, that is consistently using 85% or
> more of my cpu. I read a little bit about it and I have a tough time
> justifying the 85%. This Fedora OS is a relatively new install. Say, about
> one month.
> I would like to know if this process will always use this cpu percentage,
> and, why is this process so important to little old me? I have apache and
> mysql running and both processes combined don't consume 1/20 of the
> beagled-helper cpu. Also, I killed it and it started itself again. I am
> afraid to uninstall it because someone outhere decided that this is a good
> tool for us all.
> Thanks,
> Evan

I had the same issue with beagle. Every now and then it took nearly 100%
of the cpu, and I didn't think it justified its use, so I disabled it.
Theoretically it would have been nice to have it, but I didn't think I
needed it too much afterall, so I disabled it. 

You can kill beagled when it goes out of whack, nothing bad will happen
(to you, or the computer, but it may be bad for beagle). Or you can prevent
it from starting when you start gnome by disabling it from System ->
Preferences -> More Preferences -> Sessions -> Startup Programs ->
beagled. Or of course you can uninstall it alltogether. I for one, don't
miss it.

I like in FC how some things are setup (particularly, the automounter and
printing), but I find it annoying that beagle and selinux are enabled by

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