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Re: Has anyone seen a "lock up" occur on FC6 when running Firefox?

On Tuesday 09 January 2007 00:27, Richard England wrote:
>Kernel  2.6.18-1.2869.fc6 smp  fully updated install
>firefox 1.5.09 via  yum
>If I start firefox and use or let it sit idle, eventually the system
>will lock up.  No keyboard response, cursor moves with mouse movement
>but the buttons do not function.   I can't conclusively say that firefox
>is that cause but it seems to be the commonality.  If I let the system
>idle without firefox, I have yet to see a freeze.
>Any one else seen this?

Yes, couple of times when I got up and went to bed leaving FF open.  I 
doesn't seem to do that on locally displayed stuff though.  I can leaving 
it sit on localhost:631/printers for days.

>Any one have some diagnostic tricks I can use 
>to isolate this?

Its not been a huge problem.  Its bit me twice IIRC, and both times the 
mouse pointer would move absolutely naturally but nothing on the keyboard 
worked, and the screen blanker that should have kicked in hours ago 
hadn't as the monitor was still powered up else I wouldn't have been able 
to wake it up and see the mouse moving.  My box has a hardware reset 
button, so it got tapped.  Both times.  I didn't think to go out to the 
shop and try to ssh into it, too cold for the way I'm usually dressed.

>I'm not a complete novice in using Linux but any tips 
>might save me a boat load of trial and error.  I may try starting a VNC
>session from another machine and see if it is active so I can see dmesg,
>etc.  Perhaps it's an xwindows issue.....



Cheers, Gene
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