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NTFS in the kernel and Dave's 2.6.19 kernel

Jeffrey Burns wrote:
> And a question for the list - if ntfs-3g meets the requirements for
> inclusion in Extras, what disqualifies kmod-ntfs?

Dave Jones has a new 2.6.19 kernel in the works (and it's working fine
for me on x86-64 -- thanks, Dave!)

On Sunday, in
(and related), dragoran wrote:
> can you enable the ntfs read only driver in the kernel builds? the 
> patent issues are resolved and there is no need to recompile it every 
> time the kernel gets updated.

Josh Boyer replied:
> Um... This is a FC-6 erratum.  Let's not go enabling new stuff in a
> released version.  Rawhide is where this should be enabled first.

No-one else seems to have commented on it, so that seems to be the
current status.

Hope this helps,


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