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Re: beagled-helper is sucking all of the resources!

R. G. Newbury wrote:
>>> Just to satisfy my curiosity: how to do that from the command
>>> line?
>>Do what from the command line? Disable it at startup? Don't know how
>>at the prompt. The only way I know is from the gnome menus. The
>>thing of it is you only have to tell gnome once to not run beagled
>>at startup.  You disable it and it stays that way (until you decide
>>to re-enable it).
> 'chkconfig --list' to see what is being run as a service
> 'chkconfig --level 2345 beagled off' to turn off the service
> entirely (takes effect at next boot)
> service beagled stop|start|restart|status to stop|start etc. while
> running

Beagle isn't run as a system service, so you can't use the chkconfig
and service commands to control it.

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